Hypnotic Brass Ensemble@Ritual – bywardofmouth

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble graced Ritual nightclub on Friday night and @bywardofmouth was onsite. If you didn’t already know, Hypnotic is a 9-piece, Chicago-based brass group. Before 2004, they were a street ensemble preforming in the heart of the Chi. Since recording a series of records and working with high caliber artists – Mos Def, The Recipe, Nomadic Massive, Erykah Badu, Maxwell & The Gorillaz – the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have been shining. Their performance at Ritual was incredible and the live, organic instrumentation was definitely hypnotic. If you weren’t there, next time don’t sleep! Shout out to Rob Reid. Respect.

All photography by Zak Pantalone


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