The Trill OG Himself, BUN B in OTTAWA #BIG

The Legend Underground King BUN B is making his first ever appearance in Ottawa @Ritual on Dec.13th. This is very BIG! Along side BUN B will be NY’s own Mickey Factz. This event speaks for itself. BUN B’s first ever appearance in Ottawa and Mickey Factz who has created a lot of buzz for himself this year have no other choice but to shut down Ottawa Dec.13th. Can’t forget the Homie DEE JAY FRAME is holding down the beats that night #BIG

Check out the homie Dilln Whytes he will opening and getting the crowd going crazy !!! #OTTAWA

Kapacity Entertainment Always got that good good…..#pause

@Bywardofmouth will most definitely be there covering this event. DON’T SLEEP

Tickets: $30 in advance – more at the door
Available online at:
& Local shops Reap & Sew Norml Clothing Top of the World Vertigo Records  The Record Shaap

SHOUT OUT to the Homie SLICK for shooting this Video for Mickey Factz


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