The New Art Festival 2011

Formerly known as Art In The Park, The New Art Festival is a gem of the Ottawa art scene. Drawing thousands of visitors and participants from across Canada, the outdoor event features over 200 artists and entertainers from a diverse spectrum of disciplines. This amazing showcase has been around for almost 20 years, establishing itself as one of Ottawa’s most recognized exhibitions of original, one-of-a-kind art and fine craft. The organization’s goal is to strengthen connections among artists, art educators and galleries, as well as the public at large. Participants are selected by a jury comprised of practicing artists and arts professionals, with prizes awarded in several categories. This year the weather held out, greeting the afternoon with warm sunshine and clear skies.

Tess, Lisa and Rowan Thomas in front of the Freak Show pavilion.
The New Art Festival is a great opportunity to showcase original works to a new and broad audience. Among the crowd was 25 year local art vet Lisa Thomas. You could find her at the Freak Show tent displaying a number of sculptures and paintings that were both beautiful and worthy of the very best of freak shows.
Sebastian Stuckitten and Lindsay Cambell.
Young artists like Sebastian Stuckitten and Lindsay Cambell, two of the three-member local group known as the Wzrds Gng, enjoyed some much-deserved exposure, selling prints, shirts and paintings.
Stefan working on his door with paper and objects that were all found.

We found Stefan Thompson hard at work live in the park, delicately applying wallpaper and paint to an old wooden door he found, effectively creating a truly unique and layered piece.

bywardofmouth highly recommends attending this event next year. In the meantime, follow our photographers through some of this years brilliant work.

To view our complete gallery, continue reading.


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