Ottawa International Animation Festival

Hip Hop, Art, and Good Advice

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is the world’s largest semi-annual gathering for experts in the field of animation. The colourful showcase ran from September 21st to the 25th, decorating each day with presentations, screenings, and discussions. It was a great chance for aspiring artists to interact with the big shots of the industry.

On Saturday night, a panel discussion titled “Ink and Colour: Cartoons And Comic Books In Hip Hop Culture” met at the Museum of Civilisation to discuss the symbiotic relationship of Hip Hop and cartoons. The panel was composed of James Retiano, Monkmus, and Eric Calderon. Jesse “Dangerously” Macdonald, who is a Canadian Hip Hop artist with a passion for art, hosted the event. He detailed the story of the mysterious rapper MF Doom, shedding some light on the man behind the mask. His enumeration was the perfect segue; James Retiano is responsible for much of Doom’s art, including the infamous All Caps video. To his left sat Monkmus, a talented animation expert who has used his craft to concoct videos for Kid Koala and many others. The third member of the panel was producer Eric Calderon. Eric coaxed the world of Afro Samurai to life, and was an integral part of its success on Spike Tv.

At the end of the discussion, the floor was open to aspiring animators who had questions for the three who had left a multi-coloured mark on the profession. With humour and wit, the panel imparted advice ripened from their years of experience. Jesse “Dangerously” Macdonald also voiced his suggestions for those trying to make a name in the realm of art.

If you are an aspiring artist, or even just someone who enjoys Hip Hop and colours, keep your eye out for the Ottawa International Animation Festival in the near future.

writer: Daniel 


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