American Apparel Warehouse Sale

Landsdowne Park’s Colliseum Building opened it’s doors on Thursday, Sept. 29 to host American Apparel’s first ever four-day warehouse sale in Ottawa.

Within the first hour of the event’s commencement, the industrial space was crawling with trendy bargain hunters. Sale stock included a mosaic of all that the company has offered up to the pre-teen & young adult community since it’s debut in the capital, some five years ago.

Upon returning the following morning, it was evident that many hours had been put in behind the scenes–from the underslept-zombie-like expressions of the cashiers, to the far more pleasing aesthetic of the overall space.

Sections, while neat, were a muddle of styles–from those that helped pioneer the organization into a staple brand; to others that departed from the company’s initial allegiance to the basics, showcasing linens, mesh, lace, bright colours & pastel shades.

Overall, the sale was an enticingly dangerous steal. Many who showed were later seen with armfuls of great finds. Checkout lines were surprisingly quick, and totals at the cash register were insanely low.

Continue reading for more photography.

photographer: Jenn Szadkowski

writer: Callie Garvey


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