Everything has been a whirlwind for BADBADNOTGOOD ever since they met Tyler, The Creator (of Odd Future fame). The group is comprised of three young musicians: Matt Tavares (keyboard) Alexander Sowinski (drums/sampler) and Chester Hansen (bass).

This was their first show at Ritual Nightclub, and it was no doubt packed full of friends and good vibes. As the group hit the stage some even began to chant Chester’s name-Ottawa is his hometown.

The night continued on and instruments warmed up, the crowd became continually more receptive- dancing, moshing and of course crowdsurfing. None of which is really wild for Ottawa concert standards, but what is amazingly refreshing is that they did it with only instruments- something that our young generation can often been seen lacking.

We can definitely give credit to this group for reintroducing creativity to the monotonous radio airwaves by reinventing old favourites, new underground hits and the odd song from a childhood video game.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the trio inside Reap & Sew Menswear Boutique a couple of hours before their show. Hear what they have to say about what they would be doing if they hadn’t been accepted to Humber, playing at Coachella, life in LA, Canadian shows versus American shows, thoughts on new music, reason why they canceled some tour dates and their favorite artists whom they’d like to collab with.

…and be sure not to miss your next chance to see them!

Photos after the jump.


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