Interview w/ So Durand


Just a hobby, because working an entry level position must be my true passion – Simon

Simon Robichaud-Durand is the entirety of So Durand.

So Durand has played shows with Andy’s Ill, Wolf Saga, Dillion Francis, Kill The Noise, UZ, Brillz, Oliver, Grandtheft, Lunice, Birdy Nam Nam, Rockie Fresh, Nick Thayer, Sound Remedy, Tommy Kruise, Diamond Rings, and Monsta.

Shelby Lyn:

What started the EP of Seasons?

So Durand:

So, the whole Seasons EP was written in a somewhat more “triste”
time in my life. I had just been laid off; I recently had to
relocate my life, had gone through a break up, and was losing
touch with friends. Everything hit me at once due to lack of time
and commitment. In other words, I guess I was over committing
myself to music.

It was a very moody time. I had weird emotions, I don’t know if
it was stress or a life change but I was also feeling a huge risk
releasing my first EP with a different sound than expected from



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Shelby Lyn:

How would you classify Seasons in terms of genre

So Durand:

Without the use of genre; dark, moody, emotional, depressing…
to sum up in words.

Shelby Lyn:

No genre

So Durand:

I would not, because I think it draws from so much different
genres and sub genres so I would be making a sub genre from a sub
genre, it would just get confusing and too much.

Shelby Lyn:

That’s why I’m asking, I’m not sure what to label or call it,
explaining it further to anyone besides good and that I like it.

So Durand:

I would label it as Electronica. Only if I had to

Shelby Lyn:

Do you think you grew as an artist committing time and channelling
your motives?

So Durand:

In all the time I have been producing or the time I wrote

Shelby Lyn:


So Durand:

Yeah, I fell into that.


I think writing music obviously made me grow as an individual especially when you’ve been doing it for a while. If you’re not growing, what the fuck are you doing? As a person, as a musician, as a lover, as a friends, as a son and as a brother

Music allows me to express myself on a completely blank and un- bias canvas and I think when having that opportunity whether as a musician, painter, dancer or writer you spend valuable time with yourself learning more about that person.

Shelby Lyn:

Were there any striking conclusions or epiphanies you determined while
writing Seasons?

So Durand:

Not that I can remember, only fears.

Shelby Lyn:

Fears of what?

So Durand:

Well I mean conclusions were maybe not made during that time but were
made a lot more obvious as to what I want and how I want to be
presented. That’s the whole learning about myself piece I was
referring to earlier.

Fears of the unknown.

Shelby Lyn:

What did you use to create your EP?

So Durand:

Simply my iMac, a controller, some old monitors and a decent set of headphones. My homie Dylan King took on the final mix down and mastering.

I grew up playing on music gear, like at a young age I did the whole
MPC with a planet phat module or at one point I had a Triton and the
list continues.

While on this section, shout out to Larry at Steve’s music, they know
me well there.

No I’m getting back into outboard gear but as a side project with my
good pal Jordan David.

As far as Djing, I play out on 2 CDJ’s and some favorite jams on USB

Shelby Lyn:

Who did the cover art for Seasons?

So Durand:

The artwork was done by an illustrator by the name of Radek Maslowiec who came and had a listen to what I was writing and chatted with me about the project. He delivered an excellent and suiting cover.


23 May w/ STWO Babylon Nightclub Ottawa
24 May w/ Perseus Studiobar Toronto
31 May w/ LOUDPVCK Babylon Nightclub Ottawa

Shelby Lyn
Instagram: @slimcommunications @shelbylynmiller

Artist So Durand



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