NDMA – Panache EP


NDMA releases Panache EP

Singer/rapper/producer NDMA releases his first EP titled Panache, June 17, via L.A.’s Give N Go Sounds. Mastered by Phil Shaw Bova, who has worked with the likes of Feist, Bahamas, and Socalled, Panachewas written and produced by NDMA (with the exception of one title produced by Laguil, who mixed the entire EP). Featuring 5 tracks that seamlessly blend hip-hop and electronic music, Panache showcases NDMA’s reckless courage in as dashing a manner as the title reveals.


“If Diddy, Kanye West, and Avicii collaborated on a project, it would probably sound a lot like Panache – potential club bangers with catchy lyrics. NDMA’s music, like most artists’ music, is an extension of his personality – it’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s creative,” proclaims Quip magazine on the EP.


To recount the story of opportunity and freedom of expression revealed on Panache, NDMA (a.k.a. Nilton De Menezes) drew on the cultural roots from which he sprouts. Born in Angola and raised in Brazil, Menezes recognized the important relationship between music and community at an early age, fashioning his musical identity on the Portuguese rhythms of his childhood and the ability that music has to bring people together.


“Friends started calling me Panache because of my style and how I carry myself, which is influenced by my Angolan culture and felt in my music,” Menezes explains of the inspiration behind Panache. “Having lived through civil war and poverty, music was my only escape; so it comes from the heart. I wanted this EP to make you happy, dance, and feel inspired.”


Following the Noisey video premiere of Yours for One Night earlier this year (featuring Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group signee Rockie Fresh), NDMA is eager to share Panache’s second release, Burn Slow, available to stream here. Capturing that feeling of wanting something to last forever, Burn Slow draws inspiration from fond memories of family, friends, and falling head over heels in love –universal experiences that Menezes believes everyone can relate to.



1. Bring Us Down

2. Get It In

3. Investigate

4. Burn Slow (featuring Sarah Nixon)

5. What You Want


Upcoming Shows:

June 26 – Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa

July 1st – Estella roof top Party, Ottawa

July 18th – Haitian Fest








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