who we are

byward of mouth

We are a new, rapidly growing collective of young artists and entrepreneurs passionate about developing the culture and scene in the city we love. With Toronto and Montreal close by, we are quickly becoming an established online community, a diverse tapestry of everything now.

Byward of Mouth is a lifestyle/nightlife blog based out of the Byward market, Ottawa. We have writers in Montreal, Toronto and abroad. At Byward of Mouth we showcase, photographers, musicians, artists, upcoming events, highlight local clothing-lines, stores, venues, restaurants. We look at everything from healthy diets and the best local fresh markets, where to eat, who’s preforming in town, etc. We look at yoga, dance, music, fitness, fashion, recipes, sports, travel, nightlife. The list goes on and on without limit. Like the name implies, we are a grassroots, street perspective on our constantly evolving modern lifestyles.

We are also available to cover live shows and conduct exclusive interviews with artists from all around – everything from local, undiscovered talent to established artists. We have a professional team of directors, videographers and editors, multiple high-definition cameras, wireless mic’s for interviews and full lighting equipment, as well as a professional editing suite.

If you are interested in working with Byward of Mouth contact us at bywardofmouth@gmail.com

We would love to work with anyone who is involved in any creative endeavour whatsoever. We are always looking for writers, photographers, promoters, artists, designers, chefs… anyone in any field of creative expression.


9 responses to “who we are

  1. I am unquestionably bookmarking this blog and sharing it with my friend, thank you nice blog 🙂

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  3. Hi,
    Just discovered your site today, it’s really cool.

    I’ve just started up a small one-person company, Bejeweled, that makes handmade jewelry in downtown Ottawa and I’d really like to get the word out about myself and find out about upcoming craft/art sales I can get into at this time of year. Would you happen to know of any upcoming events I could maybe sell at?
    -James @ Bejeweled

  4. Ellen Davidson

    Discovered you at the Geminis. I’m in Toronto. My friend the brilliant first-time filmmaker, Sharon Hyman, is a Montrealer. You are definitely right inbetween. Check out http://www.neverbloomers.com
    for all the info, all the time on Sharon’s Neverbloomers: The Search For Grownuphood, airing Mon.Feb.27,8 pm ET, on Discovery Channel. Interviews available. Autographs for free.

  5. Amazing blog! I am playing a show at Avant Garde bar later on this July. Is there an e-mail adress I could send you the poster through so that you could post it up on the site? Also, I run an online Ottawa-based handmade shop (thebohemianbasement.bigcartel.com). If you ever post anything about local small businesses, feel free to include us.

  6. Lovina Srivastava


    Just came to know about you today. My dance group performed at Ottawa Tea Festival. Thanks for including the pictures from my dancers in your blog. And please do let me know of any multi-cultural festivals that you come to know about where I can showcase my group.

    Lovina Srivastava
    Darpan (Indian) Dance Group

  7. Good read,
    Really enjoyed your interview!

  8. Great site…I am pretty sure you ‘need an app for that’. We are Ottawa based and provide event apps to 100+ clients for festivals, events, conferences. Sparks Street BIA is the latest to go with our SuperApp which umbrella’s the events that happen throughout the year. https://www.rebelmouse.com/Tech2Meet/MyEventAppscom/ – I am always open to a coffee & chat! Rosemary socialsail@gmail.com

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